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Currently, two countries are registered in the system - Lithuania and Latvia, but if you need to send to other countries, please contact us by e-mail. by mail:!

Currently, e-mail the store does not have the full range loaded, but we try to add as much variety as possible every week. Stay tuned!

Yes, please email about this. by mail: Buying in bulk is an opportunity to buy at even better prices! You can also come to us or receive home deliveries in all major cities by appointment.

Yes, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram social networking platforms! Be the first to know about our additions and promotions!

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Contact phone number no.:
+370 (630) 53 577

„Italiski siulai“
Aidas Gimzauskas
Biz. Sert. Nr.: 696429
Bankas konts: Siauliai Bankas
Bankas kods: 71800

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